The chat is suppose to be a safe enviorment. Here are the rules to the chat


1. Please no spamming it;s flushes the chat and it annoys me.

2. No cussing.

3. No threats or death threats

4. Creating mulitple accounts to avoid a chat ban is offensive and will not be tolerated. We have the right to kick ban from chat and block the sockpuppet accounts

5. Please do not release any personal information. For safety measures

6. PLease do not talk back to mods or admins. This is rude and disrespectful since you never see any mods being rude back. And if they are please take a screen shot and show either me or any of the admins.

7. No saying sexual remarks.

Do's in the Chat Room:EditEdit

1. Be civil

2. Act nice toward others.

3: If a mod is not on during an argument or anything in that nature then please do the best to solve the problem in a civil fashion

4: Have fun!